This season we dove into vintage archives to create a fantastic collection inspired by weddings of years past.  We were entralled by the beauty of yester-year. The gracefulness of brides from the early 1900's and as well brides from the elizabethan era.  We handcrafted veils fitting for a bride in the 1910's and crowns fit for a queen.  

Silks were our fabrics of choice, as natural a fibre as they come, we created soft tissue like flowers that dance upon many of our veils and headpieces.  Taking a cue from olden culture, we hand painted many of the flowers using silk dyes and inks to create beautiful three-dimensional floral sculptures.  

New to our range this season, we have begun handcrafting beautiful dress sashes, both romantic and daring, sashes that would make a bride from the 1900's blush, but a bride from the 1920's eyes light up in delight.

Colour played an important part in this collection as we experimented with shades of mint, blush, opal, pale yellow and sage, all tones that were used thoughtfully to convey palette of yesterday.  Metals and the mixing of metals became a key message as we began designing, mixing silvers, golds and rose golds to make elegant crowns and headpieces.

As this collection was inspired by the past, we wanted to pay tribute to all of those that have supported us from childhood and through the journey of both Blair Nadeau Millinery and this current collection.  Each piece has been named after the individual who it reflects, important people in our past and current life.  Our mothers, grandmother, family, best friends, close friends current and past are all honored in this collection as each of these people have touched our life in such a special way.

This collection, grand in it's scale, but grown out of simplicity, is delicately finished to the last bead. Born from simple ideals, this collection allowed me to reflect, wonder and ponder my past, present and future.  It allowed me to visit a simplier time, step back and create something worthwhile for generations to come.


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