'Ethereal Butterfly'

We are inspired every day by all that is around us, the materials that we create with, the people that we socialize with, however this season we dove further into the past, opened up our art history books and were inspired by those from the Renaissance, Neoclassical & Romantiscm eras. Each era has an intrigue, a sense of beauty that only existed during that time and we were so inspired by this beauty that it created the foundation for our 2016 collection

To bring this collection to life, we stepped out of our comfort zone.  We introduced brass into our range to create golden headpieces fit for a queen.  We experimented with some of the most delicate tulles and nettings sourced from around the globe to create ethereal and flowing veils and lastly our most exquiste pieces to date, our shoulder jewelry that sparkle and drape.  

Moody hues were so important to us this season.  Smokey Greys, Mauves, Lavenders, Blush Pinks and Lilacs, all truly ethereal colours.  We also introduced Rose Gold into our collection.  The softness of the rose gold tint sits so beautifully with the heavy gold and silver creating a beautiful mixed metal juxtaposition.

Over the last 7 years, we have seen our collections, skills and inspirations grow, flourish and blossom, so much so that the theme of the Butterfly was so fitting for our 5th bridal collection.  
Each year we challenge ourselves, learn new skills, experiment with new fabrics. Each year we are reminiscent of a butterfly as we spread our wings and create. 

We are so honored to so many wonderful and beautiful butterflies along with us on this journey, we wouldn't be here without you.  

Thank you



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