Yester-year is our most beloved collection to date.  It grew from the love, support and kindness of our family and friends.  I dedicate this collection to everyone that I have held dear. Near, far, past and present.  Thank you for being there, for understanding and for being you.


This Collection shoot would not have been possible without the following amazing people and their talents and contributions

Photography by: Whitney Heard
Jewellery & Assistant Styling: Hattie Dunstan 
Makeup & Hair (style shoot): Maya Goldenberg
Makeup & Hair (collection shoot): Sheri of Toronto Bridal Style
Model - Blonde: Natasha of Spot6 Model Management 
Model - Brunette: Amanda of Spot6 Model Management
Irish Wolfhounds - Donna of Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds
Clothing: Urban Outfitters 
Shoot Assistant: Janet Cheung
Location: Home of Gail (Hattie`s Aunt)
Shoot Concept & Overall Styling: Blair Nadeau

Copyright 2015 Blair Nadeau Millinery