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We are currently booking consultations for
2024/2025 weddings and events! 
We offer 4 different consultation options and to best suit you, your wedding vision and your schedule!

To book an appointment please scroll to the bottom of the page for available appointment options!

Option 1: Standard Consultation
If you are interested in trying on one of our current  adornments from our collections, please book a standard consultation in the calender below. 
At this appointment, you can try on all the pieces that you have selected from our collections (as well as some new designs that I always have hidden away) and we can make small changes and adjustments to create your perfect accessory or veil.

Option 2: Bespoke Design Consultation
If you are looking for something truly bespoke (designed from scratch) then please select the bespoke design option. This is a longer appointment and likely the first one many.  Each month I take on a select number of bespoke clients.  For truly custom created from scratch designs we require a minimum of 3-6 months to handcraft the perfect piece for you.  Our bespoke process is a fun, collaborative process where a design comes to life.  Near or far, we work with clients and brides across the globe to create their dream wedding accessories.  What starts with an overall high level concept, turns into a sketch and then finally the beautifully completed design.

Option 3: Heirloom Re-design Consultation 

Do you have an heirloom piece that belonged to your mother, grandmother, great grandmother or another important person in your life that you would like to re-imagine into a new accessory for your wedding day? Whether its a veil from the 1940s, a crown from 1917 or a fabulous florals headpiece from the 1980s, we can use elements from these special heirloom pieces to create something new and uniquely you, while preserving the beauty and memories of the original piece.  If you don't have the original design anymore, we can recreate a modern telling of the original as well!

Please make sure to bring the cherished piece to your appointment (or photos if the accessory no longer exists) so we can review the condition it is in and brainstorm together what new possibilities we can design.

Option 4: Virtual Consultation - Standard & Bespoke
If you don't live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), or you just can't make it to our studio, don't fret! We are happy to book virtual consultations with our clients all over the world from the comfort of your own home.  Please select the virtual consultation and we will meet with you in our studio via Google Meet where we can discuss perfect bridal adornment. Whether it be something truly bespoke, or from our current collections.  Bespoke consultations will require usually a few follow up sessions or further communciation through email. 

        bridal headpieces and crowns designed in toronto ontario