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Tulle Veiling Swatch Cards
Tulle Veiling Swatch Cards
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Tulle Veiling Swatch Cards

This listing is for Veil Fabric qualities.
please purchase if you would like to see all the tulle swatches available before purchasing a veil.

You will receive up to 4 swatches per card of available tulle & netting for all of our veils.

Tulle and Net types:

English Tulle: Soft Hand, good drape, but still has body. Similar to a silk tulle. Perfect for Cathedral veils, drop veils, tiered veils. Suitable for most classic veils

  • Natalia Drop Veil
  • Veronica Blusher Veil
  • Dauphine Drop Veil
  • Claudia Blusher Veil
  • Catherine Drop Veil
  • Estelle Mantilla Veil
  • Alder Single Tier Gathered Veil
  • Regal Single Tier Gathered Veil
  • Aspen Single Tier Veil
  • Lake Embroidered Lace Veil
  • Cerise Juliet Cap Veil
  • Deandra Crystal Cathedral Veil
  • Jonquil Pouf Veil
  • Lacey Juliet Veil
  • Lucy Mini Veil

French Tulle: Beautiful soft tulle with slight sheen. Hugs the body, but still has volume
Ideal for drop veils, Juliet veils, Juliet caps, straight veils, Mantilla Veils. Longest length is Chapel.

  • Antoinette Juliet Cap Veil
  • Susan Bridal Cap Veil
  • Sarah Jane Juliet Cap Veil
  • Whitney Juliet Cap Veil
  • Harlow Bridal Cap Veil
  • Carly Juliet Cap Veil
  • Colette Bridal Cap & Veil
  • Nerida Juliet Cap Veil
  • Maude Juliet Cap Veil
  • Aurora Juliet Cap Veil
  • Nicole Drop Veil
  • Justyna Turban Veil
  • Amanie Pearl Veil

Silk Tulle: the most luxurious of tulle, think Kate Middleton's veil. Soft, but crisp, drapes and billows. Pure heaven.
Ideal for tiered veils, stylized veils, drop veils.

  • Ava Juliet Veil
  • Hattie Juliet Veil
  • Natalia Drop Veil
  • Delia Mini Veil

English Net: Soft, Drape, Dense. Ideal for Juliet Veils, Juliet Caps, and double tiered circle veils.

  • Sarah Louise Juliet Veil
  • Lucienne Juliet Veil

Irish Net: Super soft, super drape, extremely delicate. Not recommended for Cathedral or chapel veils due to its delicate nature. Perfect for Drape back veils, haunting body hugging Drop Veils, Juliet veils. Very editorial.

  • Margarite Draped Veil
  • Sussanah Juliet Veil
  • Colette Veil
  • Bryn Draped Veil
  • Magnolia Juliet Cap Veil

Silk Jersey Net: Super soft, natural sheen. Very narrow, perfect for Juliet cap veils, Juliet veils and draped veils. Also beautiful for long straight veils 

  • Cecily Juliet Cap Veil
  • Meadow Mantilla Veil

Italian Net: Soft, with natural stretch. A bit more dense then tulle. Ideal for Juliet Cap Veils

  • Juniper Rose Gold Juliet Cap Veil

Dotted Swiss Net: Soft, great drape, dense. Ideal for Drop veils, Juliet Caps, Juliet Veils, Single Layer Veils

  • Garbo Juliet Cap Veil
  • Katelyn Drop Veil

Spanish Lace Net: Soft, Ethereal, Unique. Beautiful drape and unique texture. Perfect for Juliet Veils, Draped Veils

  • Lillian Juliet Veil

Metallic Spanish Lace: Ideal for a layering veil, accent only. 

  • Sarah Jane Juliet Cap Veil

Russian Veiling: Heavier Diamond Birdcage Netting 

  • Heather Birdcage Veil

French Veiling: Finer Diamond Birdcage Netting

  • Constance Birdcage Veil
  • Lady Pillbox Birdcage Veil
  • Gatsby Birdcage Veil

**please note that colours on monitor will not be true to life**


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