The Royal Wedding - What Will Meghan Markle Wear!?

The Royal Wedding - What Will Meghan Markle Wear!?

Everyone has Royal Wedding Fever!  Can we believe that the youngest Prince is getting married? It brings me back to 2011 when his eldest brother married Duchess Kate, our little millinery was only 2 years old at that time and we were just getting in the bridal industry.  North America wasn't really aware of the fascinator yet, until that beautiful morning of April 29th and the Fascinator hit the mainstream! For about 3 years after that gorgeous wedding, Fascinators were our most requested creations. 

It's now 7 years later and Prince Harry and Megan Markle are ready to walk down the aisle, and like the hush hush behind Kate's dress, the whole world is on their toes and waiting with baited breath to see what and who Megan walks down the aisle in. Will it be satin, will it be lace, will it be long sleeved, short sleeved, no sleeves (my word!). Like the royal baby gender, the states are high and the predictions are wild on what she will wear down the aisle.

Yesterday, we were thrilled to be apart of Rebecca Chan's wedding dress predictions on Global's The Morning Show.  Rebecca showcased her 4 predictions of silhouettes that Megan could potentially walk down the aisle in.  Each dress more different then the last, showcasing both fashion, tradition, silhouette and style.  Rebecca paired each gown with one of our showstopping tiara's and crowns and the pairings were just perfection!
Here's the segment - May 14 2018

Big thank you to Rebecca of Rebecca Chan Wedding's for pulling our fascinators and crowns for this great segment. Global TV's The Morning Show,  Sash and Bustle boutique for providing the gorgeous gowns, Mango Studios for the photography, Fancy Face Inc for the gorgeous makeup.

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