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What is a Juliet Veil and Why You Will Love It

                 The Juliet Veil

The Juliet Veil, the true darling of yester-year.  There is a good chance that your Great Grandmother or even Grandmother wore one of these delightful veils for her wedding day.  Over the past 5 years, we have seen a beautiful resurgence of this turn of the century beauty.  This veil is truly a statement.

The Juliet Veil originally rose to popularity in in the 1910s to the 1940s.  Originally constructed out of silk (our favourites) and was adorned with silk flowers or real flowers.  The Juliet veil aptly named has a Shakespearean romantic quality about it.  The style faded from existance from the 40's onwards are naturally bridal fashions changed, but was brought back into the limelight in 2011 most notably when Kate Moss wore a Juliet Veil at her wedding.

There are a few different styles of Juliet Veils, each style with it's own beautiful romantic perfection

Types of Juliet Veils


The Gathered Cap

The most popular of the juliet veils. This style has gathers above both ears, a cap that can be worn at the crown of the head or over the forehead and a beautiful flowing veil down the shoulders and back. This beautiful veil can be stylized with lace edges, flowers, beading or kept beautifully simple.


The Gathered Cap with Blusher

So romantic and ethereal, the gathered cap veil has a a blusher layer that when pulled forward creates a beautiful haunting vision. When pulled back, a beautiful double tiered veil. This gorgeous veil is usually left simple with minimal adornments and beading.


The Full Cap Veil


This veil is so chic, so 1930's, it gets me every time. A full fitted cap. This beautiful veil is gathered at one side for a perfect fit and is usually adorned with full hand stitched lace, floral or feather details. Truly cool and chic. Would be dynamite with a flapper style gown! 


The Cap with Side Veil

Super modern and ultra romantic. This is a stylized version of the full cap veil. The cap is gathered at the sides and has an assymetric train of veil that gracefully falls down one shoulder. Effortlessly cool, this veil can be adornmed with crystals, pearls, lace trim or applique.


Juliet veils are usually created out of soft flowing fabric. Because these veils are meant to shape and drape, the best fabrics are nettings (English, Irish, Italian or silk) or soft tulles like our French tulle and English Tulle.  

                   Full Cap Juliet with Side Veil 

     Simple Gathered Cap Juliet Veils

        Gathered Cap with Blusher

                 Full Cap Veils

              Embellished Juliet Veils

Embellished Juliet veils are so striking. These types of veils make a statement, so embellishment can be big, bold and fun!

Juliet cap veils can be (and should be to help maintain their shape) edged with simple delicate lace, rhinestone chain for maximum sparkle, or heavily embellished lace and applique.  The gathers are usually finished with blooms, feathers or more applique to have a beautiful finish.

I personally love juliets that are completely appliqued and beaded on the entire cap.  These veils are extremely labour intensive as so they can be quite expensive. All of the lace details are precisely cut out by hand and hand stitched and beaded to the veil cap. It's a tricky process that takes hours and hours of hand work, but the end result is just spectacular.

What style of gown goes best with a Juliet Veil?

We usually recommend pairing Gathered Cap Juliet Veils with either super clean modern gowns (silk gowns with trains, aline gowns, gowns without any applique, silk crepe shealth dresses) or simple lace gowns.  The clean silhouettes of a more minimalist modern gown make the Juliet veil appear very modern, whereas the lace gowns give it a vintage effect.

For the Cap Juliet Veils, we love a shorter gown, something with a flouncy skirt, or a BIG tulle skirt with a lace top. 2 piece boho gowns look really cool with this chic style of cap.

For the Cap Style Juliet with a Side Veil (with a long veil - 54" or longer) we always recommend more of a flapper 1920's style gown, a full tapered lace gown with a bit of of a train or a gown with sleeves and a narrow skirt. If you want to go with a shortered side veil, then you can go with a fuller skirt, as the shorter veil will balance out the skirt width.

If a Juliet Veil is the veil for you, don't hesitate to reach out to us and share with us some photos of your gown, we'd love to help you with chosing the perfect veil for your dress!

I would love to incorporate some colour into my Juliet Veil, is this something you can do? 

yes yes yes!! I LOVE using colour with Juliet Veils, they are the perfect veil to get creative with. They are so soft and romantic that we can really play with lace details, silk flowers and beading! No Colour is off limits!

This gorgeous veil is in a peach english netting with peach, yellow & ivory lace with hand pressed florals

This beautiful veil is in shapes of grey with grey english netting, lace and floral details

And don't get me started with incorporating metallics into a Juliet Veil! This one is our most pinned and most popular juliet veil. The metallic spanish lace is everything!  

Don't be afraid to play with colour and styling when it comes to Juliet Veils! They are already a showstopping veil, you might as well go for it!


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